City and State WordPress Bulk Category Generator

City and State WordPress Bulk Category Generator

This tool will create two csv files of US city and state categories for the WordPress Bulk Category Plugin. One file will be 50 Us states and the other will be 1125 cities with populations over 10,000.

It names files by keyword_city_category.txt and keyword_state_category.txt

We do not store files for you, after you create it download it as it will get deleted.

Your files
Once submitted your files will appear here for download.
The csv files are seperated by :: for the use with the bulk category plugin.
The parent category is important for the hierarchy, the bulk importer matches the parent category by name. If you are going to target a specific keyword you might want to use this as the parent. We like to use “Location”. You will have to create this category manually in your WordPress admin area.
Parent Category:
Required to name your ouput file.
We generate the description like so:
Description Start Location (either City, State or State) Description end
Example “Microdata Project offers WordPress plugins in San Jose, California. For the best WordPress plugins call 408-754-6000.
Try it out you can always do it again if you want you alter anything.
Description Start:
Description End:
Do not include periods at the end of either description.

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