Bulk Category WordPress Plugin

Bulk Category makes it easy to bulk import, export and delete categories. Import from a csv/text file with category Name, Description, and Slug. Delete categories listed in a file. Assign a post to the categories, reset the relationships of a post. Export all categories to a file. Delete all categories.

  • Import categories from csv/txt file
  • Delete categories listed in a csv/txt file
  • Delete all categories
  • Add relationship from a post to all imported categories
  • Reset all relationships of a post
  • Export all categories

This plugin is intended for somewhat skilled developers. If you do not have access to the database, I recommend backing up your database before doing any modification. You may use the export button to back up the list of categories you presently have.

Any defect in your file of categories can cause issues with category hierarchy that you were not planning. It might take a few attempts to get it right, so better to be safe than sorry.

CSV file line example:


Uncategorized::New Category::This category is new::new-category

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